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“I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart.”  
                                                                                       - Vincent Van Gogh


As I mentioned on my home page, I am an Art teacher in a public school in Oklahoma.  I started hosting painting classes to raise money for my classroom budget.  As the classes grew, I realized this was an amazing opportunity.  I started my company and continue supplementing my school budget with a portion of the proceeds from each class.

I did have a great time painting with my cousin tonight. Painting this red bud tree reminded me of our "Granny". Thanks for the great instruction, Catherine Martin!

​                                       - M. Camacho

So glad I came to the painting class even though I didn't feel good. Catherine did awesome as usual and it was a blast!!

                                                        - S. Scism

I've always wanted to be a boot designer - thank you Catherine Martin! It was another fun night at Art & Soul class! Come join the fun and help the Beggs High School Art Dept at the same time! Great fun, great fundraiser!                                                                                   - N. McCune

Let me start by saying, I LOVE MY JOB!  Teaching young people to embrace their creativity and imagination is a blast.  Yes, the budget crunch in education puts a serious damper on the profession sometimes; but I must admit, it's not just a job, it's a calling.  I didn't sign-up to get rich.  I signed up to make a difference in the life of a child.  Sometimes that means I must get a little extra creative in my lessons, the materials we use, and the sources of funding.  I'm willing to go the extra mile to keep my program afloat.  So, here we are!  What better way to garner support for the art program than to get the community involved in it, embracing their creativity and individual expression.  After all, sometimes adults need to nurture their talent and imagination, too!


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Come join the fun!

Always such a great time at Art & Soul!!!!! Thank You to Catherine Martin!

                                                - S. Hamilton